Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weave poles, trials and tribulations. Day 5.

Progress is good. I added the 5th and 6th poles this morning. The first two set are positioned straight-on, and the last set are at 1 and 7 o'clock.

At first the last two were missed a few times so I went back and opened them up a few degrees (should I not have? I don't know.) and then tried again. Cohen succeeded without incident. The barking came back, but I think this was enthusiasm and not stress. It was also quieted down much more easily, as I don't want to encourage it any more.

Later today I will try to move at least 4 poles outside to test Cohen's understanding of the exercise. There's fresh snow on the ground covering ice which is in turn covering mud, so it's not the most ideal place to practice, but I need to switch up locales to help her generalization.

Class is tonight. I wonder if we're going to be working on weaves. I would be absolutely flabberghasted if Cohen manages to do a line of 6 tonight (gotta keep expectations appropriate -- new location, stressful environment, etc) but I hope...

[Edited to add: Cohen did indeed do the 6 weaves in class!!! HURRAY!!! It took her one try to get them the first time, then did them successfully 3-4 times in a row. We took a break and reapproached them and had a few failed attempts before we had to move on. They're still a tiny bit complicated for her, but I'm totally psyched. By next week she'll have the 6 poles down no problem. Woot!]


  1. I didn't use the 2x2 method... but I wonder how Delta would have done with them. She's extremely fast in them now... so that's not what I"m thinking... just wondering if she would have enjoyed it more. I just did the luring through the six. She never hated them, but more of... Gosh mom, why are you making me do this. It's BORING. Lol She loves them now though. Yay for Cohen doing the six. BIG step up. You'll be at 12 in no time. :-D

  2. That's awesome that she's did them in class for ya! I know it was getting frustrating for you so i'm hoping this is good R+ for ya!

    Also, though I haven't commented on your blog before (I dont think), I have been following your blog for a while and have passed along the "Stylish Blogger" award. Check out my latest blog post for information on it!