Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Amazing Dog Tricks brought to you by Cohen the Australian Shepherd

I made a video! It was originally going to be to mark Cohen's 5th birthday, but I missed that deadline by a couple months. Whoops! But anyways, we had a lot of fun filming this video. It would mean a lot to me if you watched it, and shared it if you were so inclined. Happy clicking!


Friday, February 28, 2014

Balancing goes glossy

A few weeks ago Cohen and I did a photo shoot for a magazine. It was loads of fun. The photos & article were released today. Here it is!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Agility trial round-up, birthday trial edition.

Trial roundup! Cohen and I had A Very Good Day yesterday. 5 runs. 3 Qs. NO KNOCKED BARS. It's better than we've done in a very long time.

Venue: McCanns
Hosted by: Dog Agility Ontario
Judge: Jennifer LaPierre

First run: Steeplechase. Q. 1st place! The course was fast and flowy. Only 6 weaves made it even faster. Cohen stuck her A-frame contacts like a champ. I was hugely surprised when I saw her placement. She placed first in 22-regular, and was second fastest overall, behind a competitor who competes at World's. Not a bad way to kick off the day!

Second run: Starter snooker. Q. 5th place. This run (finally) earned us our SGDC title. I've been chasing this Q for the better part of 2 years, but due to our bar knocking and "no mom the next obstacle is this one, trust me" it's remained elusive. It didn't go to plan, as Cohen was pretty sure that the next obstacle was X and I'd planned a whole route for Y, but I was able to think on my feet and finish our opening pretty smoothly. Our points suffered for it, but the Q was all I cared about.

Third run: Advanced standard. NQ. Cohen has apparently decided to start taking kamikaze leaps off the teeter again, so I drilled the teeter on the course a few times and took the call for training. Plus we had some issues in the weaves where she was popping out at the 10th pole again.

Fourth run: Advanced gamblers. NQ. More kamikaze teeter. Our issue was in the close though. Apparently Cohen was convinced that I wanted her to go into the wrong (awkward, hard to get to) end of the tunnel when the correct entrance was right ahead.

Fifth run: Steeplechase. Q. 1st place! No weave problems. Cohen nailed a really nice pinwheel and managed to keep the bar up on a fairly tight turn at a jump. Again, lovely A-frame contacts. And FAST! Couldn't be happier with her run.

Then I went home and OMG SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY! I felt bad for my guests, since the trial went 2 hours longer than I was anticipating, and I was in the last run of the day. It was a good day.

I still can't get over Cohen placing first in steeplechase... twice. There were some pretty speedy dogs there who I thought would have kicked our butt. And not knocking a bar all day is huge for us. I wish I knew what I'd done differently at this trial so I could do it again next time.