Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chronological list of learned cues -- count: 52

List of learned cues starting at 9 weeks old to present. Quotation marks indicate word used for each behaviour.

Touch, sit, down, speak, come, stand, paw, stay, bang, roll "over", back up, go pee, go to bed, go outside, heel, front, heel in reverse, bow, jump "up", jump "over", jump into "arms", circle, circle in reverse "beep beep", pivot, spin, twist, weave, find a toy, figure "eight", get it, drop it, leave it, table, tunnel, head up, head down, nose bridge "push", pop, beg, balance on back legs "be people", crawl, "cross" paws, "open" door, "close" door, scoot, teeter, walk (obstacle), mark, formal retrieve, out, quiet, limp.

Working on: foundation for handstand, removing socks on cue, reverse heeling through my legs, lifting her back leg.

Monday, December 27, 2010

My dearest Cohen,

My house looks as if I have a toddler living here. But no, it is just you and your toys. Please learn to pick up after yourself.

Signed, The Management.

I owe you more exercise. It's tough in the winter, and I feel guilty. You, however, seem relatively happy.

Or, rather, you act the same way whether I've just run you ragged a few hours before or I've kept you cooped up inside the house all day. You're perpetually rearing to go regardless of your activity levels.