Monday, February 28, 2011

Teaching Cohen a handstand

Process is slow since I've focused on building it up in stages. Plus, it takes a lot of core strength which takes time to build up.


Step one is teaching your dog to target an object with their back feet.

Steps two - seven are slowly increasing the size of the object your dog is targeting.

Step eight is getting the dog to push itself up from a vertical object. It's around here that I start adding a name to the behaviour.

Step nine is working on duration.

Step ten is the finished behaviour with no wall support and longer duration.


Steps eight through ten are theoretical right now, since I've not gotten there yet. I might end up changing my plan a bit if I run into trouble at some point. So far the toughest step has been one. Once I got that it was just a matter of time.

Yes, this behaviour seems almost totally pointless, but it's pretty fun and a nifty party trick.

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