Monday, July 25, 2011

Fun match video

Turns out I lied - I am going to post a video of our run yesterday. As I said, the plethora of rewards serve as pretty severe interruptions to the flow of the course, but we're still in the early stages of it all.

I think once Cohen has a better generalization of contacts and her overall confidence increases her speed will increase significantly. As it stands now, well, I dunno.


  1. Maybe the surface of the table and exact placement of the weaves (or feel of the type of ground they're on) felt strange to her. I guess as soon as you have one thing straightened out (like her contacts, which look excellent to me) another thing or two goes wrong.

    Her speed should come right up once she has better confidence. While you're still doing practice trials, would you be able to tug with her or throw a ball between some obstacles? It might bring up her speed a little more.

  2. All good points. I also considered that in an earlier run the table was positioned along a line (as in, it made a straight line with other objects) instead of at a pivot point, causing Cohen to jump off prematurely. Then, whelp, bad habits and all that...

    There were 4 runs -- 2 with weaves on my left, 2 on my right. Each time we did them on my left she made zero mistakes, each time on my right she would pop out if I moved prematurely. Plus in the video the second time Cohen attempts to start them I don't verbally cue her, so she just stops.

    The speed will definitely come in time. I'm starting to use tug to rev her up before and after runs, and between obstacles in class. Previously she would only work for food, so introducing play has been a process unto itself.

    As you can see, there are loads of variables, and as one aspect improves another can falter. Thanks so much for offering your eye!