Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cohen -- weave and jump practice

Here's a new video of Cohen's weave pole progress. Adrian was awesome and surprised me with a hand made (Adrian made!) jump. So I've set the 2x2s and the jump out in the back yard and have been running drills on them the last few days.

I think you can see some obvious progress in how Cohen is navigating the weaves. Some of those weave entries were pretty tricky and she was navigating them like a champ. She's single-stepping some of the poles, which I'm really happy to see.

The poles are technically arranged straight, but they get knocked around quite a bit as the dog runs through them.

Watching myself in this video is helpful -- I need to direct more with my shoulders, not my hands. I also need to loosen up and get my arm off my hip.

I've been working on Cohen's tugging a lot, so I think I'm about ready to start using a tug as a reward instead of food. I opted not to here because her arousal level gets a bit too high and her barking gets unmanageable. It's a work in progress.


  1. I watched your earlier video as well and some are both so good..I can see why you were hired as a trainer..where did you get the weave poles ? I shudder to think what Cohen would be like without your training...she is so smart and fast and is so high drive !

  2. Laila, there's an agility instructor at WWW who makes weave poles. I picked them up for practice at home once I'd moved on to level three.

    And I shudder to think too!