Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's winter. Let's train some tricks.

Foot stall - > beg. 
The beg during a foot stall was a tricky one. Cohen had trouble trusting her footing, and I don't blame her since my feet are wobbly and not exactly secure.

Hug the bunny. 
This is an older trick but I wanted a new photo of it.  Eventually I'd like to have her hug it while walking around on 2 feet, but that'll be a while in coming.

Burrito! Aka, wrap yourself up in a blanket. This was for a trick training challenge and is pretty cute.

Dog packing. Pretty simple. Put a bed in a suitcase. It took Cohen a few minutes to figure out she should push her way in instead of standing on top of it.

Position changes - bow from a down. Cohen already had a bow, and already had a crawl backwards, so we just worked on capturing the initial butt-up movement and re-taught the cue "bow".  She's pretty fluid with it now.

It's too dang cold and dark outside. Winter is a time for trick training.

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