Monday, January 21, 2013

Cohen FDCh

This weekend marked Cohen's first flyball tournament. It's relatively early on in our training, so I wasn't sure how we'd do. Cohen was absolutely fabulous and I couldn't have hoped for her to do any better.

We're an attractive pair.
Cohen had a full time position on a team, and she raced 4 times each day (each race was 3-5 heats). That's a lot for a completely green dog, but she had no trouble with it. My major concern was that Cohen would cross over into the other lane, chasing an opponent dog. She barely even glanced at the other team, and ran clean every - single - time. She was putting in decent speeds too: 4.4-4.5 seconds. She's out of shape right now, and still needs lots of work on her box turn, so it's possible we'll get her down to 4.0-4.2 seconds in the end.

Her only issue was flipping out when teammate dogs passed her onto the course (on Saturday she was running 4th). She really really wanted to chase them. So on Sunday we put her first, and she had zero issues passing a dog coming off the course. We'll have to work on her chasing and carrying on in practice.

She didn't drop any balls and the one time when she bobbled on the box and the ball went wonky she still grabbed and took the full line of 4 jumps back.

I couldn't be happier with her performance.

Her first race earned her her FD title (yay!) and she earned her FDX by the end of the day. By the end of the weekend she had her FDCh!

Good dog.


  1. What a great, fun weekend. Part of the fun of starting flyball is that the beginning titles rack up pretty quickly, so you get a lot of exciting stuff happening at the first few tournaments. Just enough to get you hooked! (Any box turn videos? I'd love to see what her turn is looking like.)

  2. Yep! I'm not used to such a fast and furious rain of titles first starting out. Exciting.

    I think a friend took a video of her first ever run, so I'll post that to show her turn. She's turning VERY wide right now (and went wider on Sunday - I imagine she was tired) and she's double hitting on her back feet. Plenty more to work on, but I'm psyched she can keep on task in a highly arousing area.

  3. Congrats! It's a huge accomplishment to be able to full out spring in such a distracting situation.

    I love the screaming Aussie picture. :)

  4. We are going to the Gridley, CA tournament hosted by Gold Coast Flyers (Puppy Love). If you are going to be there, it would be totally awesome!