Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cohen ADC!

In summary:

3 runs. 1 Q, and a title: Agility Dog of Canada, or ADC.

I'm putting up this boring photo because it's the best I can do right now. Both Cohen and I are tired. 
In detail:


1st run: Starters Standard: NQ
Judge: Kathie Grant

This run was meant to be that final Q we needed to move on to advanced. Unfortunately I over-rotated my shoulders and paused too long at a hard right turn and ended up sending Cohen onto an off-course jump 5 obstacles in. She also popped out of the weaves twice at the 10th pole, which was a pain in the ass. Any time I move away from the weaves, or celebrate a pole too early, or reach for my bait pouch (not worn in the ring) she'll pop out just a smidge too early. Dumb, perceptive dog.

2nd run: Advanced Jumpers: NQ
Judge: Kathie Grant

This run was... messy. I think we racked up 15 faults throughout. Five faults for an off-course jump Cohen decided to take, and ten for two knocked bars. Cohen hasn't knocked bars in a while. I think I was pushing what I can do via handling a bit too far, and ended up shooting myself in my foot. ... But that's how you get better, right? :)

3rd run: Starters Standard: Q, and a title!
Judge: Kathie Grant

This run went smoothly, relatively speaking. The only hiccups were a funky angle of entry on the (6) weaves which resulted in Cohen spinning once, and some confusion on Cohen's behalf while going up the ramp of the walk. I think she thought it was a teeter - whatever it was, she looked like she was about to lose her balance. But she didn't. And she Qd. Good, agile dog.

That means that I can now compete in advanced standard courses, as well as advanced jumpers. I need 1  Q in Gamblers and 2 in Snooker to move up from starter level in those. It's tough to keep track -- that's why I write this stuff down.


  1. Way to go guys! It all sounds pretty crazy. Wish we could try out these sports though.