Saturday, February 11, 2012


Cohen with her new BFF, Sgt Pepper. 

My house is dogless. And spotless. 

We're currently trying to sell the house. We've gone all out trying to present the house in the most appealing way possible. We've painted, laid new carpet, rented fancy furniture, cleaned it from top to bottom, and done just about everything you're supposed to do when selling a house. And at the advice of the real estate agent we also got rid of the dogs. Megatron is back with Adrian's family and Cohen was boarded with a friend of mine (and her 2 Goldens and 2 Cavaliers). 

Apparently Megatron immediately reverted to the not-actually-housebroken dog she was prior to coming to live with me. It's frustrating to hear since I'll have to go back to managing her more hardcore once she returns here. Having "accidents" on the new carpets simply will not fly. Hopefully a week of booster puppy house-training methods will set her back on track. 

Cohen is reportedly having a blast. One of the Goldens (Sergeant Pepper) she's living with is a one year old, rambunctious, drivey, field-bred dog out of fabulous working lines. Needless to say, this dog is a handful. I was a bit worried about how he and Cohen might get along since they're both a bit socially retarded. Apparently I didn't have to worry though. During the initial greeting Cohen was intimidated for about 15 seconds, then got over it and started to play. And play. And play. I don't think she's stopped playing since she got there. 

It's given me something to think about: I've always thought that Cohen would be happiest in a single dog household. Her resource guarding can make for a stressful environment. But my friend is telling me that Cohen has fit right in with her pack, and says that my dumb dog seems to genuinely enjoy the constant presence of other dogs. That she has a constant playmate is of course icing on the cake for her. 

Megatron came to live with us because she's Adrian's dog, and Adrian has come to live with us. Megatron does not enjoy the company of other dogs despite being raised in a house with them since she was a puppy. She does not play with them. She seems to simply see them as things that might possibly rob her of her nice warm bed, and growls in response to them simply walking by. Cohen and Megatron need to pretty much ignore each other's presence in order for the household to remain peaceful. 

But perhaps one day I may be able to get another performance dog as a companion for Cohen. I have another friend who's pushing me to look into the Toller litters at Foxgrove Kennels - and she's VERY convincing. Perhaps one day I'll look into getting a sporty little male dog with whom to compete and play. It's just nice to know that I may one day have that opportunity and not worry about what it might mean for Cohen. 

So I'm thrilled to hear how well Cohen is doing, but the house is so empty without her! I miss her daily morning cuddles, and I find it disconcerting to not have a constant shadow that follows me room to room. Though I do admit, I like the quiet. But just for a little while. 

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