Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Staying fashionably warm

Today is a cold day. 

Which means, much to Cohen's chagrin, I broke out the winter jacket. I felt a little silly putting it on her, as she normally copes with the cold relatively well, but it definitely helped during our 2 hour long walk in the woods. All told, there were only a few minutes of moping before she started having fun. These are photos from the moping period.

It's like they're twins. 
 I also bought a new winter coat for Megatron. She came with a few, but none really covered her properly, so I wanted to invest in a good one. It's a bit long for her, but it's got great neck & belly coverage. Mega coped with the whole process like a champ - she greeted strange people, explored a new environment, and had no problems being manipulated in and out of jackets while I searched for the right size.

It was still rather cold of course, so I let the tinydog stay home to sleep on the couch while I took the bigdog out. I think each of them were happy with the decision.

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  1. I read this post with envy, as I swelter in my broken-air-conditioning during a heatwave. Today's temperature: 41C or 106F.