Monday, December 5, 2011

Megatron's first day

Making herself at home whether we like it or not.
So Megatron is here, and she's impossible to photograph in focus. 

I don't have a lot of time to write out a full summary of my experiences thus far, so I'm going to keep it brief. 

the good

- Megatron and Cohen are doing a wonderful job parallel walking together. 
- Cohen completely ignores Mega when she's running around off leash.
- Both Cohen and Mega are quick to recover from stress.

the bad

- Cohen is staring a lot at Mega. I don't think it's the "hard stare" you read about  in books, but more of a "something is happening over there and I will pay close attention" type of stare.
- Cohen's excitement is triggered when she hears Mega scuttling around, and gets visibly aroused. 
- Mega barks at all the strange happenings in the house... a lot. Hopefully she'll get used to the environment quickly.
- Mega, being overweight at 7lbs, can only eat so much, which drastically limits the amount of food rewards I can offer while training.

the ugly

- This morning when I wasn't present Cohen apparently targeted Mega. It sounds like it might have been a triggered play drive situation where Mega was scuttling about (she scuttles a lot) and Cohen walked towards her, then pawed and mouthed at her. I think Mega yelped in fright, and Adrian grabbed Cohen. Both dogs recovered quickly. Lesson learned. We were being too lax. 


Meggy is set up in an ex-pen in the kitchen, and is only to be let out when there's at least one door separating her and Cohen at all times. I'm hoping that the issues we're running into will fade once Cohen grows more accustomed to Mega's movements, and Mega grows more accustomed to her new environment. 

I'm doing a lot of mat work with Cohen while trying to desensitize her to Mega's scuttles. We're doing a lot of Its Yer Choice type games with the two of them too. 

I'd be lying if I said this wasn't stressful. If anyone has any pointers I'm all ears. 

Freshly bathed, and with a case of the bath time crazies. 

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