Monday, December 26, 2011

Fit Dawgs pt 3 - small wonders

Since Megatron arrived I've been trying to slim her down some. She's had disc problems in the past, and has been carrying excess weight since she was a pup (hence the name Megatron, Adrian insists). I've always felt that her weight posed a serious risk to her already fragile back, and have been anxious to get it off. 

As most readers of this blog are aware of by now, I'm slightly preoccupied with the physique of my dog(s). So Mega is my next project. I've not paid particularly close attention to Meg's food consumption (if anything I feel like she might be getting more with all the time wasting treats I'm throwing at her). I've also not been doing much more than walking the tinydog on a daily basis (and with the Christmas season I've missed a day or two here and there). 

Peanut fun for everyone.

I took the picture above earlier today to act as a marker for the start of Meg's weight loss journey. She's balancing on a Fit Paws inflatable peanut which I purchased to help keep Cohen in shape over the winter, and Meg has taken to it rather well too. 

She still needs to slim up a bit - I'd like to see the end of her rib cage and some more definition in her waist. She also needs some more muscle definition in her front and hind quarters. But all in all I'm actually quite pleased with what I see.

Unfortunately I don't have many pre-arrival photos of Mega, so the one below will have to serve as her "before before" photo. 

She's propping herself up on her fat rolls.

It's not the most flattering photo in the world, and it's tough to compare with her in such different positions, but I was surprised comparing the two side by side. I've barely gotten Mega started, but I think she's come a long way already -- both physically and mentally (the changes in mentality will be a future blog entry). I brought her back to Adrian's parent's place last week, and even they commented on Mega having lost weight. So long, tiny sausage shaped dog!

The cold weather will limit how much walking we can do, so I expect real changes to occur in the spring. But I'm very pleased at how well Mega seems to be settling in. 

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