Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chihuahua Thursday

Chihuahua Thursday is totally a thing. 

Megatron is settling in well. Cohen still wants to molest her, but I feel like we're starting to make headway. 

I brought Mega by my training facility tonight to join in on class two of a basic obedience session. I was expecting to spend most of the class with Mega in her crate while I worked on desensitizing her to the sights, smells and sounds of the building. Apparently I underestimated her, because she was up and ready to work as soon as things got going. 

That's right, my fatty Chihuahua was ready to work. *glee*

It took a few minutes before she settled down enough to understand the mechanics of "stay", but she gave fantastic attention and didn't have a single reactive outburst towards a dog (and there were some crazy dogs in this class). By the end of the exercise, she was staying like a champ through proofing exercises, the distraction of other dogs and handlers, and I even walked around behind her once or twice. By the end of the class she was getting full (damn tinydog stomachs) but she continued to work with some excited praise. Basically, I was hugely impressed by her. She probably was the top performing dog in the class. 

I really, truly believe that a strong relationship between a dog and its owner is forged through training. It's that relaxed, rewarding, genuine interaction between animal and human that really cements the bonds of trust and friendship. I put a great deal of weight on how my dogs respond to me when I ask something of them. So I'm thrilled that it looks like Mega and I have started off on the right foot. 

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