Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fit Dawgs pt 2

So I wandered by a vet clinic yesterday and they let me use their scale to track Cohen's weight. As of yesterday she's 17.0kgs. That's a weight-loss of 0.2kgs in 3.5 weeks, and a teensy bit more prior to me tracking it. I think she's just about perfect now.

She still has loads of muscle in her shoulder and thighs, and has great core strength. She's just slightly less soft in her mid section. Now when you pat her it's like patting a furry brick wall - all muscle... and fur. I think I could stand to condition her more, but I'm very content knowing that she's not carrying any unnecessary weight. 

17.0 kgs as of yesterday, or 37.4 lbs. ~21" at the withers.
Please note her fancy new effeminate pink harness (mostly for car trips, but since she doesn't like anything around her midsection I'm having her wear it for fun romps in the woods) and her high butt (which she'll surely never grow out of now). 


  1. Its so hard for me to tell good weight when looking at long coated breeds after being so used to an almost-naked dog! And, the other day I picked up Koira and when she tensed up, I realized she had an honest-to-goodness six-pack (or maybe even eight) on her belly! My dog so puts me to shame...

    If you are looking to build some condition though, I highly recommend doing ball work. My dogs love it and it has helped give them some great muscle tone.

  2. K-Koira, I know! It's much easier to assess a short haired dog's condition vs a medium-to-long haired dog. We're such visual creatures we get kind of dumb when we have to actually figure it out by hand.

    What do you mean by ball work? Cohen is moderately interested in balls, but not OMG CRAZY for them. All I really do with her is various strengthening tricks (beg, stand on 2 back feet, handstand, etc) and I provide plenty of opportunities to run off leash. Perhaps because I am lazy.

  3. I think by ball work, K-Koira means putting her on a peanut-shaped gym ball.

    She's looking pretty damn good. I find it hard to assess long haired dogs from photos too. It's much easier to tell with little Lola.