Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hurty paw

Hurty paw: right rear 
Cohen has hurty paw. 

On Sunday I had a marvelous walk with her in the valley, where we stayed out and enjoyed the wonderful sunny fall weather for well over two hours. On the way back to the car I noticed a peculiarity in Cohen's gait, but it was minimal and I expected that she would walk it off soon. It wasn't the first squirrel-chasing injury she'd had, and she's a tough little dog. 

Sunday night her limp was more exaggerated. Monday morning it was worse - she wasn't putting any weight on it at all. Monday afternoon I ran her into the vet's. 

The vet suspects a tendon injury on her inner weight bearing toe (not a break). So he prescribed an anti-inflammatory and said that exercise was to be restricted for the next two weeks. If it doesn't improve, she'll go back for x-rays in a couple weeks. 

Historically, Cohen isn't a big fan of exercise restriction. After her spay she was up and rearing to go the next day. But yesterday she seemed (mostly) content just being let out for bathroom breaks, and taken on a car ride where she could stick her nose out the window and take the air in. The poor girl must be pretty uncomfortable. 

So, limited exercise it is! Unfortunately this means that I've cancelled tonight's agility class, and the weekend's performance at the Exhibition Grounds.It also means that walks will be practically non-existent for the next little while. That's what gets me most: no walking. I've always used dog walks through the woods as a method of stress relief, and I've got stress a'plenty right now. Ah well. I think both Cohen and I will cope. 

Get well soon, hurty paw. 

Cohen, what a big butt you have. Also, hurty paw.

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  1. Hopefully that paw gets to feeling better soon!