Sunday, September 4, 2011

Living life off leash

Taking a dip after a hike through the woods.
I took a wonderful hike through the valley today. Oh, and the dog came too. The trails crisscross through thearea, winding through forests, fields and rivers. I'm enormously thankful to have an area like this pretty much in the heart of the city and so close to home. 

Cohen was particularly well behaved today. She would run out of sight chasing squirrels but would always come running back if called. After our hike we stopped at a perfect little beach by the river where Cohen could cool off and swim (well, wade). In the above photo I had just tossed some food at her, which she missed and tried to fish out from the bottom of the water. She didn't get it. 

We walked back home from the trail via the bike path, which was understandably busy for a Sunday. Cohen was off-leash, but was incredibly receptive to cues even after having been out running around for two hours. I had a number of cyclists thank/compliment me for getting Cohen to sit/stay despite her being 20 yards ahead. She was a good dog. 

These opportunities for off-leash walks are important for both my sanity, and the dog's. This freedom is the reason why I feel taking the time to create a well trained dog is so important and rewarding. 

A mundane photo of a bug. Pretty, though.

Cohen and the Don.

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