Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two years old. Almost.

Cohen turns 2 years old this month! I'm surprised and thrilled that I've not killed her yet. So I'm going to be spending some time in the coming weeks looking back on her as a pup, and how she's matured.

The first photo below was taken when Cohen was just over one year old. She's not stacked well since I had no idea what I was doing, but at least you get some sort of feel for her proportions. The second was taken last week. It's a slightly more appropriate stack, but still leaves a bit to be desired. The amount that Cohen has filled out over the last year is pretty impressive. She used to be rail-thin, but lately I've been noticing a bit more padding on her ribs. A healthy bit of padding -- she's still no fattie.

14 months.

24 months.
She's starting to look like a real Aussie. She's still butt-high unfortunately, but she's a perfectly serviceable little sporty dog. 


  1. It's pretty amazing how much she changed! At fourteen months, I'd have assumed she'd have pretty much stopped maturing, but then she just seems to have really filled out. It looks like her head shape totally changed in those ten months, and she went looking quite sleek like a collie to the much fluffier aussie.

    Either way she's still really gorgeous! She doesn't look butt high to me - she looks like a dog that can move fast. But then I might be biased because of Lola's dumb topline, so!

  2. What a gorgeous Cohen you have. :) I can definitely tell how she's filled out. The same with Delta. I didn't know they had the same birthday. (Delta is Aug. 14) She will also be 2. Oh how time flies. :)