Monday, August 22, 2011


Why do you look so sad?

Cohen did it. She made it to two years old. She's officially sort of maybe not a puppy any more.

The bone is not sufficient payment for this humiliation.

Here's a list of things you may or may not know about her.

  1. She sleeps downstairs on the couch most nights, and every morning she'll come up to lay on my bed. When she's confident that I'm awake she'll lay across me until I get up. 
  2. During her morning routine she makes some of the most amusing sounds - mostly groans and moans and interpretations of a wookie.
  3. I can leave a steak in the middle of the floor then leave the room without saying anything and she'll not touch it. Outside she can scent a discarded sandwich from a hundred feet away and will make a bee line for it and nothing in the world can stop her. 
  4. She's learned the word "shower" after I used it casually prior to washing her. Now she'll slink off and roll over on her back if she hears me mention it, even if I'm not talking to her. 
  5. She likes Huskies. She dislikes black Poodles (or similar looking dogs), Old English Sheepdogs and Airedale Terriers.
  6. She dislikes wearing harnesses or anything that fits around her midsection. 
  7. She received her Canine Good Neighbour certification when she was 8 months old, and her Rally Novice title when she was 10 months. After that I completely lost my momentum and haven't trialed her since. 
  8. She has forgotten how to spin to her left since I taught her to spin into position between my legs. Now every left spin is a "scoot."
  9. Her absolute hands-down favourite toy is an old MEC backpack that I bought ~10 years ago. As a pup she chewed through the straps, so I let it become a dog toy. Now she goes berserk each time I bring it out. The backpack game is a mixtures of tugging, mouthing everything frantically and standing on top of it barking at it when it's thrown. 



  1. Happy belated birthday, Cohen! You are a good dog.

  2. YAYYY happy birthday Cohen! I love the party hat photos!!

  3. She looks like a purple dinosaur in the last one! Happy Birthday Cohen!