Thursday, August 18, 2011

Put up or shut up

A blurry still-frame from a video I have of Cohen weaving.  Good form!
I finally got around to registering for my first real agility trial! As of now Cohen is registered for one run of Starters Standard on the 10th of September, and another on the 11th. I may end up registering her for a jumpers or two as well since just one run each day seems like not a lot, especially when factoring in driving.

Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to have many opportunities to practice between now and then.

I suspect my trouble spot will be the weaves. Cohen does them really nicely in areas with which she's familiar, but can miss her entry and/or pop out early if she's overly excited. (The weave-tunnel relays of the show a few days ago were... hit and miss.)

I also wouldn't be surprised if she knocks a bar or two, but my understanding is that if she knocks a bar it's because I made a mistake in my handling.

The biggest issue I'm going to have is getting lost on a course. During practice there's always plenty of time to pause and get my bearings. I won't have that leisure here.

Anyways, I'm excited. I'll likely go visit the park some time in the next few weeks to get Cohen used to performing in a goose-poo filled field (yuck! don't wear new shoes) and see how her weaves hold up in a new environment.


  1. Good luck! I hope your previous training pays off, but I bet Cohen will do you proud regardless.

    There's a Versatile Blogger Award up for you at my blog. :)